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Ambien is a sedative medication that is used to treat insomnia. This drug is designed to affect chemicals in the brain that become unbalanced to cause sleep problems. Ambien is available in an immediate-release tablet and in an extended-release form. The immediate release form is used to help patients fall asleep when first going to bed. The extended release form is used to help patients fall asleep and then stay asleep. Which form is prescribed depends upon the type of sleep problem the patient is experiencing.

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Because Ambien is a sedative medication, a patient taking it should wait at least four hours or until feeling fully awake to do anything that requires them to be wide awake and alert such as operating dangerous machinery or driving a vehicle. It has been reported by some patients taking this drug that they've done things like driving a vehicle or making phone calls wherein they recall none of the activity. This drug should never be taken in conjunction with the consumption of alcohol as it can enhance alcohol's effects.

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Ambien can become habit forming. For this reason, this drug should never be shared and especially not with someone with a known drug or alcohol abuse problem. Unfortunately, Ambien is a drug which is often abused so it's important to keep it safely away from anyone who may have addictive tendencies.

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